The Berry family's main goal in opening Fufu's together was to introduce us to the food that they grew up enjoying. For main course, I had the fufu with stewed goat and my friend had the jollof rice with plantain and goat. We're pretty naive when it comes to African cuisine (aside from a few weeks of eating in Morocco and the rare bits about Africa on the travel channel). The portions are generous, so be sure to arrive ready to eat. African Restaurants American Restaurants Caterers. For our mains we went with goat fufu. Try our food and service today. They had a great saying on their sign. Feel free to call us at 510-756-6049 to place your order or through your Grub Hub or Door Dash app. We ventured out to this restaurant and it turned out to be really fabulous place, we tried fufu, moimoi and a rice dish. Contact Us. I had the fried plantains and Fufu with catfish and lamb and palm nut soup. Keep stirring the pot for 5 to 10 minutes until the mixture turns thick. It was hard and very weird texture. African Restaurant in Bronx Open today until midnight Get Quote Call (347) 597-7708 Get directions WhatsApp (347) 597-7708 Message (347) 597-7708 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make … From the outside, it doesn't look like much. The owner is fantastic. Again, I love it but it isn't for everyone. We make delicious food for you. This place is small. PLEASE NOTE: Our restaurant is currently only taking orders for Take until further notice. Sign up Sign in. Fufu's Grill is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving delicious, fresh Lebanese food made according to traditional family recipes... with an "American flair." Where: Goree Halal African Restaurant, 5514 Rising Sun Avenue. Fufu is very difficult to make, a process that starts by pounding cassava and unripe plantains together with a big wooden pole and mashing them while adding water. I hate the thought of Aurora. The restaurant and lounge is located in one of the area’s most pleasant settings and is known for its delightful staff, superb cuisine and great smoking hookah. Log In. We did however eat everything..but we don't like to waste food. Customers love this Malian spot’s fresh ingredients and affordable prices. I definitely need to return to try all the other dishes. Le Mandingue is an upscale, ethnic, African restaurant where quality and hospitality meet. 3) the goat and jollof rice was stale. Even without the deal, the food is reasonably priced and so much of it that we left very very satisfied. After he finished explaining, everything sounded really good.We ordered the moimoi and samosa for appetizers. Crispy on the outside and perfectly seasoned on the inside. Since we enjoy trying new food, my son and I went here. (414) 393-2045. In comparison to other Middle Eastern restaurants… Your business needs chef Ramsay ( not being sarcastic, or hurtful) but your business needs help. We can't wait to go back. The names of the foods read foreign  and rightly so. food. This isn't going to be a bite to eat before a movie. Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour 3lbs/48 oz/1360g (2x1.5lb /24oz /680g ) 4.2 out of 5 stars 14. Unfortunately, Aurora does have a lot of amazing restaurants, so I'm forced to take the long trek on occasion. Nothing really resembled the few (heavily European/Middle Eastern influenced) Moroccan dishes that we've tried. Tender and delicious Halal meat served with French Fries. Platters usually contain a foundation of starches — fluffy jollof rice, acheke, couscous or fufu — alongside stews, soups and whole grilled fish. One of the most ordered items on the menu among Uber Eats users is the chicken shawarma bowl and the 3 mixed kabob plate and the fresh pita bread are two of the items most commonly ordered … We ordered water and then we heard the waitress open  the pipe. A real treat of a place. I hate going to Aurora. I didn't have high expectations for the samosas because I usually envision the Indian variety which are just a dry pocket of vegetables. They don't have 10 chefs back there tripping over each other. African Small Pot. Deals and promos available. Yam & Palava Sauce. It's located in a little mall. If you don't know ask. A welcoming neighborhood restaurant and bar. $1.50; PufPuf. The flavors of the sauces are strong and worth discovering. Book the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package for an easy, safe and rewarding escape in one of 2021’s top destinations. We also got natural palm wine that's brew inside the actually palm tree (yum! It's a disappointment  because I feel your business has great potential. Attieke with meat, jollof rice and salad with fish are only a few of the select dishes, and there’s often live music at the venue. The flavor was good but the texture is like nothing you will find in American food. Fufu(semolina) or Kwanga Plates $10.00-$15.00 ( both are Organic) Bread Items: Corn bread, Beignet(French donut) Dessert: Beignets- Order of four: $3.00, Half dozen: $4.00, Dozen: $7.00 … Deliciousness!It was first time eating a FUFU and it took me a few bites to get used to the texture. Audra U: Pepper soup, pof-pofs, curried goat, jerk chicken, plantains, bottled coke. My entree was fufu, which is a gelatinous blob of pounded yam, plantain, and cassava, served with goat in a pepper soup. 4.4 out of 5 stars 52. In Philadelphia, West African immigrants have established neighborhood blocks full of cafes, take-out spots and grocery stores. Unfortunately, with all the respect to the national recipes and dishes, the meat here, is not worth ordering. Grand Opening Specials. Tél. The best part of the experience was walking in and seeing african art and sculptures, hearing the tunes, a clean and well kept place and then looking at the menu like huh? We were the only ones dining and got great service. My friend that got the acheke tried it, but didn't like it. Where: Angie's Liberian Kitchen, 618 S. 52nd Street. It was an empty calorie starchy food for us. I seriously don't understand how anyone could say anything negative about this place.The owner, Osei, is as nice as can be. Also outstanding and pretty simple and basic if you're nervous about trying different foods. They made your food just for you. And to pour it over that fresh jollof rice with carrots, I think I almost lost my mind. fufu's Middle east grill. Everything looked and sounded delicious and we wanted to try it all. I wasn't the biggest fan of this but my husband loved it.Then the friggin' pancakes!!! The plantains were simple and straightforward and with a dash of salt were exactly what you'd expect. I would probably choose another restaurant unless you really have to have African food.Pros: excellent server/owner. He made his recommendations, which we generally followed. 3 offers from $9.50. EN. Just like the other posts, since we were new there he went through the entire menu for us. The busy counter window at this intimate neighborhood spot serves up a full menu of West African and Caribbean platters, like fufa and soup, attieke with fish and chicken with plantain. PHOENIX Magazine: Try the crispy rock shrimp with jalapeno tartar and wash it down with a Sundowner, a thirst-quenching mix of Aperol and Gruet bubbles with a lemon twist. Moroccan cuisine is fantastic and there's a lot of people around the world that are doing it well, but I applaud this couple for bringing something that's relatively new and special to Denver. The Moimoi with the red sauce was delicious and we wanted to learn to make the Kawelele for a party mix at home, so yummy!We had the plantain / rice / chicken dish which was really good. It is a spicy soup with a "big ball of doughy yummy deliciousness in the middle of it" as my hubby described it. But that's a great thing! He said the restaurant really felt very typical African. I am in love. 7434 W … This place is the definition of divey. Do not eat here. The goat was boiled without seasonings and bland. I love smaller locally owned places that love sharing their food with you. Discover the best restaurants open near you now. Travel Responsibly: In an effort to limit the impact of COVID-19, mask-wearing and social distancing are required in all public spaces per official guidelines.