Its general signal-modification abilities (the tone controls and infrasonic filter) are relatively subtle though highly effective in comparison with the sometimes heavy-handed approach taken by the designers of some amplifiers and receivers. The harmonic distortion of the C-1 was extremely low-well under 0.01 per cent for outputs up to 3 volts and at frequencies up to 10,000 Hz or even higher. Since we noted that the full-power, high-frequency operation of the amplifier generated a number of ultrasonic components, we found it more convenient to make a "THD + N" measurement at that point. The loudness position of the bass button enables the bass tone control to give approximately correct loudness compensation curves unaffected by the volume-control setting. The earlier unit proved to be extremely rugged and reliable in our severe testing program, and the M-500 is, if anything, even better protected. The instruction manual for the Carver C-1 presents a most informative discussion and explanation of the Sonic Hologram. It exceeded all of my expectations. The RIAA phono equalization was flat within ±0.5 dB from 50 to 20,000 Hz, and it was +1.5 dB at 20 Hz. The newer Carver C5 hybrid surfskate truck is a lower, shorter and narrower truck that works well with new school double kick street decks and smaller wheels. Simply incredible. The sound is well-balanced overall, with clear highs and solid bass. But if it was one of Carvers previous high power amps, then he is wrong. This is "Southern Heritage" a 1998 Carver MY500 that is inFair Condition. Carver 500 Motor Yacht - Motoryacht kaufen? Lightstar Reference, Size, weight, aesthetics, quality of build & finish, ease of setup and operation, and value (quality and level of sound for dollar spent). The IHF slew factor was 2.5 because the amplifier's protective relay shut it off at 50 kHz when it was driven by a "full-power" input signal. Many A/V-products sounds a little hard, a little bright and a little metallic; great for movies, but that kind of sound is not a good match for the Carver. This is from the transformator, and I cannot belive, this has no influence on the sound. The bass is tight and strong. At high frequencies, the maximum boost was 8 to 12 dB at 20,000 Hz, with a maximum cut of about 5 dB. Used in moderation, they can adjust the perceived frequency response and balance of a music system to one's taste with little risk of doing violence to the overall integrity of the sound. It is not a musical power amp. Although the amplifier was obviously not meant to drive 2-ohm loads, even under that severe condition the distortion was only 0.0018 per cent at 1 watt, 0.0066 per cent at 50 watts, and 0.4 per cent at the clipping point of 85 watts. All Rights Reserved. Unlike the M-400, the Carver M-500 has separate heat sinks for its output transistors as well as a larger mass and radiating surface to dissipate their heat. The M-500 is widely considered the most musical of Carver's M series amplifiers. The phono i sensitivity was 0.9 mV (phono 2 was not measured). Not many. Tanberg Huldra 9 (old reciever). First of all, the potentiometers on the back got to go. The same feature makes it very easy to bridge the two channels to make a 600-watt mono amplifier when driving an 8-ohm load; it is only necessary to connect the load between the two "hot" speaker binding posts in the rear and drive the inputs in parallel (through a "Y" connector). Doesn't have quite the depth of detail of good amps costing 3x-4x as much. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. I couldn't pass it up! De uitvinders van de Carver geven antwoord met hun nieuwste ontwerp van een elektrische driewieler met gesloten cabine, actief kantelmechanisme en aantrekkelijk prijskaartje. It is available in two versions: in an all-black finish with the panel edges slotted for rack mounting and in a pale-gold finish without the rack-mounting provision (both units have handles). This was far better, but suddenly the A-500x sounded delayed in transients. It has good detail and headroom, but it isn't analytical. SEA FOX Will Not Disappoint! The amp itself is very neutral and appears to add no colorations of any kind. The Carver is now the main amp in my Yamaha 2092/Def Tech BP2002 system. Offering the best selection of Carver boats to choose from. Lees de laatste recensies en bekijk de reputatie, recensies en beoordelingen voor Carver. Aren't audible when music is playing. The Starboard engine is not currently running. These are, as far as I can tell, 'of the rack' ((really!!!) Carver C-500. As we noted in reviewing the M-400, it is characteristic of the Carver "magnetic-field" amplifier design that it draws very large currents from the power line at high power outputs. Capable of turning bass rythm into pure drive. The effect is both impressive and exciting to experience, but it is obtainable with full effect only at the price of extremely critical speaker location and listener positioning. Delicate sound of thunder (sounds like little amp; performs like big amp). In addition to the four tone-control knobs on the front panel, there is a headphone jack (driven by its own amplifier), an input-selector knob, a small balance knob, and a large volume control. MORE PHOTOS, SPECS,AND HD VIDEO TO COME Twin Diesel CUMMINS 420 hp with only 974 HOURS Kohler 13.5 kW Generator w/Sound Enclosure (about 950 hours) Both Aux Fuel Tanks Have Been Replaced Newer Bottom, At Same Time Rudder Shafts … View 117 photos, features and a very detailed description. Even if it is played at high levels, the M-500 is one of the coolest-running amplifiers we have used. | ), but it can blow fuses very easily. Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%. De app krijgt regelmatig updates en als je naar de reviews en ervaringen kijkt in de Play Store en iTunes store, dan is men zeer tevreden over de Plus500 app. Like the C-4000, it has separate bass and treble tone controls for each channel, with switchable turnover frequencies (8 or 2 kHz for the treble, 40 Hz or "loudness" for the bass). 3 Reviews written. When I first got the A-500x I was pleased with the classic Carver appearance. As claimed, the tone-control response curves were highly asymmetrical, with a maximum low-frequency boost of 17.5 dB but a cut of only 5 dB. Three of the six a.c. convenience outlets are switched, with a total maximum rating of 500 watts. I have the Current Survey available at request. This amp has enough guts to drive the most demanding speaker loads, and with my Paradigm Reference Studio/100s it's a perfect match. We zijn bijna aan het einde gekomen van deze mega Plus500 review. The only time I have over driven this amp was when I was experimenting to see how loud it could go. De Rebel 500 kost € 7385,- inclusief alle bijkomende kosten en is leverbaar in de kleuren Graphite Black, Matte Armored Silver en Millenium Red. The 1,000-Hz clipping power into 8 ohms was 288 watts. The other readings were made with a spectrum analyzer that allowed us to measure only the harmonic distortion components. Zeker op hobbelige fietspaden word je nogal door elkaar geschud en moet je je handen goed aan het stuur houden, want het enkele voorwiel wil alle kanten op. Stereo Power Amplifier (1979) add a review. Other than that this is an excellent amplifer and I will most likely get Carver's three channel version of this amp (the A-753x) to power the remaining speakers in my HT. poor quality). Heavy rock and big orchestral arrangements are let down by the lack of impact (keep in mind, my speakers also have these tendencies, but hearing them in combination with other power amplifiers has maked me convinced, it is not just the speakers). The M-500 has no operating controls. Doesn't sound bright. Compared to the Luxman M-383 (200W, 8ohm), the A-500x is more detailed and clear. I think, if you match the A-500x with a Croft Vitale, you got a combo that will sing. Onlangs werd een belangrijke mijlpaal bereikt: de RDW gaf typegoedkeuring aan de elektrische driewieler. The Carver C-1 offers the audiophile an opportunity to experience the effects of the Sonic Hologram at about half the price of the C-4000 control center by sacrificing a few signal-processing abilities (which might well be duplicated elsewhere in a well-equipped system). Their decay time was relatively slow, so the meters gave a constant and informative display of the amplifier's power-output variation with complex-program waveforms. Power output: 250 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. 50 feet of beauty with a spacious layout. Both meters were essentially alike and surprisingly accurate, reading within 10 per cent of the actual power output delivered to an 8-ohm load from their minimum reading of 0.01 watt to a full 200 watts or more. Although we measured the effect of the Sonic Hologram circuit on frequency response, it can be properly evaluated only through critical listening. Ambitie: voor binnenstedelijke mobiliteit het gat vullen tussen de elektrische fiets/scooter en de elektrische auto. I have owned several Carver, and now Sunfire, amps and the A500X is by far my least favorite. Used for A/V I'm not sure. Almost any kind of horn (trumpets, sax, french horn etc.) These are twin Cummins 450 diesels. Using the 20-millisecond tone-burst signal of the IHF dynamic-power test, we measured a maximum output of 290 watts into 8 ohms, 403 watts into 4 ohms, and 142 watts into 2 ohms, giving an 8-ohm IHF dynamic-headroom rating of 0.64 dB. I was very lucky to find an A500X brand new for $600 2 months ago. - Stock #178965 - 50 feet of beauty with a spacious layout. Carver C5 hybrid truck review. It doesn't sound powerfull - other powerfull power amplifiers often sounds 'rock solid' - but not the Carvers. Highly recommended. Optrekken gaat vlot, hij is immers elektrisch. The "second-generation" system used in the C-1 (and in current models of the C-4000) is not quite so critical with respect to listener location, but it still requires careful setup to obtain best results. The C-1, in addition to being much more compact than the C-4000, is considerably less expensive. 1997 Carver 500 Cockpit Motor Yacht IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A CARVER 500, DON'T MISS THIS ONE. Listening mostly to LPs through a tube pre-amp, the sound is very involving. It will really make it scream! The 1,000-Hz harmonic distortion into 8-ohm loads was less than 0.0004 per cent up to 10 watts, rising smoothly to 0.0014 per cent at 100 watts, 0.002 per cent at 200 watts, and 0.003 per cent at 280 watts. A-500X to power my (Carver)AL-III's. Neat design, Cool VU Meters, Excellent Bass Response, Smooth Mids & Hi's, Infinite Dynamic Headroom! It would have been better engineering if the bulbs that light the meters were housed by snap-in or twist-in sockets. And it might not. It is integrating very nicely into my system. Although its top cover (over the heat sinks) became very hot during the preconditioning period and even hotter during full-power tests, the amplifier was able to withstand this treatment without the excessively frequent shutdowns (by its protective system) that made testing the earlier M-400 such a frustrating experience. It just kind of is there. As those also would have been the ones that were not designed by Bob Carver. (A bridged output A-220 powers the center, a Polk CS-400i with equal splendor while a Harmon/Kardon Citation 24 keeps up to power the rear dipole Atlantic Technologies surrounds) They simply provide all the power you will ever need and more in a normal sized (probably I'd guess up to 20' X 20'), listening area using these power hungry ribbon speakers. Mid-fi Onkyo and Denon amps; Proceed HPA-2. At least as important was the rapid response of the meters, which read correctly on 20-millisecond tone bursts with a 0.5-second repetition period. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Although it has no bearing on the performance of the amplifier, we also checked the accuracy of the power meters (on most amplifiers a cosmetic feature of dubious accuracy). Another Carver product (an ideal companion to the C-1, though not related to it) is the M-500 Magnetic Field power amplifier. | Compared to a SiriuS DM100 (100W, 8ohm) it has a hard time keeping up - but it is still more warm sounding, and with oozes of drive, it really got that air guitar factor. Not a tube sound, of course. Verkeerde maat banden ... Lees 2 meer reviews over Grip500 Alleen de laatste review zal meetellen voor de TrustScore van het bedrijf Johan 1 review. Het Nederlandse Carver maakt zich op voor de marktintroductie van de elektrische Carver. Since even at high home listening levels most power amplifiers are called upon only for a few watts of average power, the M-500 is virtually "loafing along" most of the time, using very little power from the a.c. line and dissipating almost no heat. And strangely, a pair of easy driven speakers might be the right choice; though my speakers aren't exactly easy to drive. It just kind of is there, but then again, it isn't neutral(...). The Vitale are inexpensive and have a pair of tubes, so even this is possible to run on a budget.

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